Exclusive Track + Interview: SPTMBR 8TH – I Need

We’re blessed to be able to bring you this big free track from an artist that we can assure you, will soon be taking over dancefloors up and down thecountry. Trapdoor Records & Darker Than Wax are proud to present ‘Virgo’, the debut EP from unpublished UK artist SPTMBR 8TH.

The three track EP focuses on a variety of genres, collectively blending and fusing distinct vibes of Garage, House & Trap. Making the most of the soulful vocals of 90′s vocal classics from the likes of Tina Turner & Aaliyah, S8 has pulled out all the stops for the debut EP.

Below you can get a exclusive listen to one of the tracks that will feature on the EP, the awesome ‘I Need’. A melodic track soaked in soulful vocals and a rhythmic beat give this a real catchy hook. A proper different take on the Show Me Love vocal that has been used a thousand times already, this track actually brings along a different vibe to the sample, and gives it it’s own twist.  Bravo S8. Listen to the track below.


‘Virgo’ marks the first international collaborative release with Singapore based Darker Than Wax, a label that dedicates itself to seeking out & pushing ground breaking music.

The EP is available for free download March 10th with an official remix from Darker Than Wax’s newest addition Sh?m dropping soon after.

We had a brief chat with SPTMBR 8TH about all things music. Read on below.

Easy man, how does it feel to have your first release?
It’s sick! The feeling of knowing your thoughts n feelings, translated into music, are out there for the world to hear and relate to in their own way is immense.

We must say, it’s a quality release to start off on. Now, I’ve gotta ask, what’s with the name?
I’m somewhat into astrology hence the EP name “Virgo” (my star sign) and September 8th is my birthday. It just seemed a little left.

‘I Need’ has some proper old school House & Garage fusions, what artists do you think have influenced you to get to where you are?
To be honest, when it comes to influences I take from anything and everything. I listen to a wide range of music from Neo Soul to Trap, Hip Hop to Classical,  Jazz, R’n'B, Indie etc. There isn’t a genre I wouldn’t give an ear too but I will openly say DISNEY MOVIES have the best music! Especially the older cartoon animated ones jheez! They never fail to provoke the emotion they want you to feel, even the lyrics are sick lol – genius.

Disney movies! That is definitely somewhere different to draw influence from! What labels & artists are really pushing out some good sounds for you at the moment?
Majestic, Soulection, Trapdoor, Future Classic and more recently Darker Than Wax are my go to hubs for good sounds at the moment. Kaytranada, been following him for about a year now. Snakehips, Atu, Mr Carmack, Bearcubs… The list goes on but Soundcloud is where it’s at for new music!

And finally, what are your top 5 tracks of all time?
Hard one! Erm… In no particular order

 Moderat – No.22
Digital Mystikz – Haunted 
Ahmad Jamal – The Awakening
Dumbo – Pink Elephants 
Nas – The world is yours
But if you asked me this again in 6 months, the tracks would probably be completely different!
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